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It's not easy leading through inflation, disruption, skills shortages, resignation & retirement waves, burnout, those that quit & stay and a post pandemic world of work-from-anywhere. So let's talk about how we build capability and new ways of working to thrive. Pam is a panelist and speaker on transformation, achieving new levels of performance, having measurable impact, the need to address our management models, and of course, she is a strong advocate for women. She is also a huge advocate and supporter of frontline leaders. They power the organization and achieve business results.

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It's Time!

From panel discussions to key note speaking, Pamela brings a message that 'It's Time!' for new ways of working, starting with our expectations of Frontline Leaders - our most valuable player. They are the multiplier. With humor and compassion, she delivers a hard message. Get in the game and get real about leadership. #LeadReal.

Holding Up The Sky

From President Zelensky to your frontline Team Leader, those that lead best are in the game and actively engaged. They hold up the sky and engage, enable and energize their teams to do great work. They are #HeadsUp. They have rhythm and they know how to manage for numbers and lead for people.

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Manage To Engage

With the MI9 - Management Innovation 9 - you get 2Fs and 7Cs on your report card. And, all of them make you a star if you can bring them to life each day. These are the 9 Triggers of Engagement. If you can master these operationally, you can master retention, engagement, results and transformation.

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