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Author Talks: Enabling 

When you read a book, it comes to life if you can talk about it. Even better, if the author can talk about the book. And, not just what it's about but what inspired them to write it, what the message is they most want readers to take away, and how to apply what they learn. Author Talks are to achieve that. Mini-Masterclasses to enable learning. Pamela Hackett provides Leadership with a thought provoking talk to inspire and grow their capability and results.

Buy Books in Bulk To Book Your On-Line Author Talk

Get Your Organization Reading and Your Teams Learn Even More

When you order multiple copies of the book 'Manage to Engage', you can schedule a masterclass for you and your team. Order 500+ copies and your author will do a masterclass and Q&A bespoke for your business. Go to Contact Us to get the details.

New Books

50+ Books

Looking for a boost for your team leaders? Pam will present a 60 minute summary of Manage To Engage with the three most engaging things they can do today.


200+ Books

When managers are asked to better engage, sometimes they just don't know what that really looks like. This one-hour author talk will have them understanding the pragmatic solutions they can implement today.


500+ Books

Want to change the way your managers engage? This 2 hour masterclass is bespoke to your organization and includes a 20 minute Q&A to answer some of your teams most pressing questions. 

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