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Engagement is a Verb & one you exercise generously

Hack No. 1. Recognize engagement as a verb! It’s how you engage operationally, day-to-day, to achieve remarkable business results.

Although increasing numbers of leaders and firms are

understanding #whatisgoodforpeopleisgoodforbusiness, with the best intentions, new managers can struggle to #engage their people. They don’t yet grasp how to create a safe, engaging, productive, and sustainable workplace – a huge ask of new leaders! They have so many plates to spin just to get through a day.

= That’s not a culpability issue. It’s a capability and experience issue.

We have not spent near enough time focused on our frontline, new leaders - engaging, enabling, and energizing them to convert the management and leadership competencies we may train, into practical behaviors new leaders can use.

They are the meat in the proverbial corporate sandwich, said well in a Fast Company article that articulates some of the issue. (How to Help Sandwich Generation Employees).

Some of the reasons are a lack of understanding that engagement is a tough operational imperative not a soft HR issue. It’s actually a hard skill that enables soft people power to achieve results.

Think about it. Pre Covid, up to 85% of employees were not engaged. So, no one was getting it right then either. It’s surprising companies got any work done!

We’ve now seen the outcome - the 3R’s – Resignations, Retirements, and life Rethinks – leaving us with skills shortages and burn out at every level.

#CallToAction Get in the game and learn more about how to really develop your engagement muscle. #LeadReal How you engage with people by day goes home with them by night. What you do each and every minute of the day impacts engagement. It's a doing word!

CapGemini's recent People Experience report goes a long way to explaining why.

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The Q4 Challenge. Post-sized Hacks to help leaders better engage, enable and energize their teams, and improve their operational results - before year end.

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