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The Post Pandemic Book for a New Workplace By
Pamela Hackett

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Do you want to manage people or change their world at work for the better? If you want to be a great leader, you must first manage to engage.

Manage To Engage

Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results is a compendium of ideas and resources that will fill the engagement gap, allowing us to focus on what matters, our people, while also delivering results. Together, we create true competitive advantage.

Nothing Moves Until People Move

"No matter what your company’s goals, there’s one indispensable tool for achieving them: people. Without people, plans and solutions are little more than ideas. If you want to maximize your business, you need to maximize your workforce. In Manage to Engage, Pamela Hackett details methods to move people and keep them engaged. This guide is for anyone who wants to improve workforce performance by making engagement a foundation of his or her organization."

From the Manage To Engage Book Summary by Accel5

Pam's Point of View

About pam
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The Frontline Manager is the Most Valuable Player

In Any Organization

They are the MVP in business. They hold the execution of strategy in their hands. They provide a  competitive advantage. After 35 years of leading major improvement, transformations and cultural change, Pam knows one thing for sure. The frontline leader and their teams make everything happen. Frontline leaders determine the success of a business. They energize people. They achieve results through their people. They create change. They transform organizations. And, the starting point is the ability to engage. Everything starts with engagement. Learning how to engage, pragmatically, each and everyday, is something that is required of leaders at every level, and particularly, the frontline leader. The future of work is (still) people. To achieve remarkable results, we must better engage.

Pamela Hackett is the author of Manage To Engage. How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results

More about pam

Pamela Hackett

Author. Speaker. Implementer.

Pam is on a mission to help leaders at every level better engage and improve their results. She is on a quest to help build organizations that are both fit and healthy. Productive and engaged. Leaders can make their numbers and have people who love coming to work. It starts with them. How they manage to engage. She is an advocate for the frontline manager, the person who has the greatest impact on teams at work. As a former CEO, and with 35 years of experience working boots-on-the-ground with leaders and their teams, consulting to some of the worlds largest companies, Pam saw first hand the people pandemic that was alive and well before Covid. People were not engaged. It's time to change the game.

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Nothing Moves Until People Move

PAMELA HACKETT has loved her work for 30+ years. She started as a front-line consultant in the international operations consulting firm Proudfoot and became CEO until 2022. She has advised, led, and supported some of the world’s leading brands through changes in their operating models, results and culture. In a world driven by technology, she believes the future of work is (still) people. She challenges the poor success rates of transformation and doesn’t believe people are intrinsically resistant to change. But she does believe managers impact both. 

Pam also believes frontline managers and team leaders are the most influential people in a business – sometimes even more than the CEO. Why? Because people power everything. Without your frontline teams taking the right action, a change in results won’t come. Nothing moves until your people move. Pam believes if you want to become a great leader who delivers remarkable results, you must first learn how to manage to engage. In her new book, Manage to Engage, she introduces 9 triggers to engagement and the practical tools for leaders at every level to better engage people in a post pandemic world. She believes companies can be both productive and engaging – the holy grail.


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Take a peak inside the pages of Manage To Engage

Practical solutions are where it's at. Perks, policies and pay may get you to the table stakes of a fair trade, but to really engage you need leaders to get in the game. Manage To Engage is packed full of tools leaders can take to work every day from the MI9. Here are just a few.

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