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Hacking it With Hackett

Hack No. 2. Carve a #newleadershippath that builds a world for your team. Not the teams that came before you, and not using the behaviors of the leaders that led before you. Find your unique approach that meets the needs of your unique team. Look for #managementinnovation.

The day the pandemic hit the world’s businesses and workforces changed. But that was two and a half years ago, and we are just three months from 2023. The big question is ‘did you or your leaders change how you manage and lead to keep up with this new world?’ When you look at the stats from McKinsey's latest research on the Top 5 Reasons People Leave Their Jobs, it's a massive call to action.

As a new leader, you don’t have the years of baggage behind you of senior leadership. Or if you’re a seasoned leader, recognize the baggage you have. It was formed by other teams, other workplaces, other conditions.

New ways of managing and leading, how we #motivate, #connect, #collaborate, define our #strategies, develop our #objectives, make our #decisions, must be found.

We put so much effort into #productinnovation and #processinnovation. Into #technology. It’s time for management innovation. Innovating how we lead.

This is your chance to #makeadifference and not get indoctrinated into the old but build the new.

No one has led through these times. No one has all the answers. Take guidance but don’t look to the usual suspects for role models. After all, pre pandemic people didn’t enjoy working, post pandemic people quit. Now as economics change, they may need to quit and stay. Leaving you with a whole new set of challenges – getting the best out of people who may be tired, disillusioned, or have been burned.

The latest KPMG Global CEO Outlook Report 2022 ( is as frightening as it is interesting in many ways.

Job layoffs and talent retention appear side by side as short term and long-term needs. Opposites. Much of a sameness of how to respond to your average turbulence of old. The problem? This is not the turbulence of old. Worse still, ESG offerings are labeled as needed to attract the next gen talent, yet, over half of the C-suite executives cited "economic uncertainty" for temporarily putting off their environmental, social and governance goals.”

The report shows leaders know what is needed but feel the only answers lie in traditional and typical responses. Without management innovation new solutions will be tough to be found.

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The Q4 Challenge. Post-sized Hacks to help leaders better engage, enable and energize their teams, and improve their operational results - before year end.

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